Graduate Faculty and Ph.D. Student Responsibilities

Graduate faculty responsibilities

Ph.D. program faculty are responsible for:

  • Admitting qualified students whose research interests can be accommodated within those of the program
  • Ensuring that students receive competent and sustained advising from their entry into the program until degree requirements are completed or the student is separated from the program
  • Monitoring and evaluating student progress toward the degree and for communicating the results of the evaluation to the student on an annual basis
  • Assisting students in locating potential dissertation directors
  • Offering guidance and instruction in those research areas in which they have expertise; however, faculty members are responsible for deciding whether or not to serve as a dissertation director for any given student. This responsibility rests solely with the faculty, who are expected to make decisions based on reasonable academic criteria.

Ph.D. student responsibilities

Ph.D. program students are responsible for:

  • Identifying research areas in which the Ph.D. program can provide guidance. The selection of a research area outside these areas may cause difficulty in achieving the degree
  • Maintaining good standing throughout the doctoral program and making normal progress toward the degree
  • Requesting that an individual member of the faculty serve as the dissertation director, working with the dissertation director toward timely completion of degree requirements, and complying with the dissertation director’s instructions