Ph.D. student enrollment in the first candidate status course prior to candidacy

Ph.D. applicants will be permitted to register in XXX 9991, Doctoral Candidate Status I: Dissertation Research and Direction, during the semester in which they expect to take their Qualifying Examination if they submit to the Graduate School written approval from their advisor and graduate director.

Upon the student's successful completion of the Qualifying Examination, the program should submit the Recommendation for Candidacy Status to the Graduate School to permit the student to continue to XXX 9992. The dissertation proposal cannot be used to satisfy the written qualifying examination requirement.

Students who do not complete the Qualifying Examination successfully cannot continue to XXX 9992. They may enroll in required coursework or in XXX 9990, Pre-Doctoral Candidacy Research, to meet any enrollment requirements. When they complete the Qualifying Examination successfully and the Recommendation for Candidacy Status has been approved by the Graduate School, students may continue to XXX 9992.

Requests should be submitted by the program graduate director to the Graduate School:  or Ph.D. Office, Graduate School, 5057 Woodward, room 6305.5.

In many programs, enrollment in XXX 9991 during the Qualifying Examination semester is desirable for the progress of their students. The approval of the advisor and the graduate director is required because Graduate School data indicate that students who received such approval to enroll in XXX 9991 were more likely to take the Qualifying Exam than students who were permitted to enroll without advisor/graduate director approval.