Thank you to faculty committee members and volunteers

The Graduate School relies on the time and expertise of dedicated graduate faculty throughout the year. Without these contributions we would not be able to provide the same degree of support and resources to students, postdoctoral scholars and faculty. To the faculty who served as committee members, advisors and presenters thorughout the year, we are grateful for your your time, insight, expertise, leadership and your commitment to the success of outstanding students and faculty at Wayne State.

Thank you to all who have served the numerous Graduate School committees and initiatives:

  • Graduate Council
  • Graduate Council Executive Committee
  • Graduate Council Academic standards
  • Graduate Council New Programs and Program Review Committee
  • Master’s Scholarship Selection Committee (Retention, Completion, AGRADE)
  • Faculty Awards Committee (Outstanding Graduate Mentor, Distinguished Graduate Faculty)
  • Outstanding Graduate Director Service Award Committee
  • Heberlein Awards Selection Committee
  • Dean’s Diversity Selection Committee
  • King-Chavez-Parks Selection Committee
  • Summer Dissertation Awards Committee
  • Master’s Advisory Group
  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development (GPPD) seminar presenters and panelists
  • GA Allocation Committee
  • Holistic Admissions Committee
  • AGEP faculty presenters


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