Meet our 2020 graduate ambassadors

The Graduate School is proud to welcome its newest graduate ambassadors! We asked them why they chose to attend graduate school, what they like most about Detroit and what makes them proudest to be Warriors.  

Tiara Hinton

Ph.D. student in pharmaceutical sciences
Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Other WSU memberships: Dean’s Diversity Fellow

“As a scientist and a Warrior, I am proud to be a part of a community that does cutting-edge health research to aid in improving the lives of others.” 

“I like to say Wayne State chose me. WSU has my chosen field of study in a very welcoming environment. My principal investigator sought me out during my application process, and from there, everything fell into place.” 

Simon Mourani

Master’s student in business administration
Mike Ilitch Business School
Other WSU memberships: Lebanese Student Association, Circle K International, Mike Ilitch Marketing Association, Wayne State Street Squad, Alpha Kappa Psi

“I fell in love with Detroit because here, community matters. People take care of each other. When we say Detroit vs Everybody, we say it from our hearts. Whether enjoying events downtown or tackling today’s most pressing social and economic challenges, the resilience of the Detroit community inspires me to be the best version of myself.” 

Alexandra Wiseman

Master’s student in social work
School of Social Work

“I have worked in the mental health field for the past 5 years, which inspired me to grow in this field by becoming a registered social worker.” 

“Being born and raised in Windsor, ON, I have always admired Detroit. Windsorites definitely reap the benefits of being so close to  a big city with a rich history. … Being a part-time commuting Canadian means I am not on campus often, especially with the current border restrictions due to COVID. I felt being a graduate ambassador would allow me the privilege of being involved in the campus community in a virtual capacity.” 

Mostafa Fereydoonian

Master’s student in Electric-drive Vehicle Engineering 
College of Engineering

“I chose Wayne State because in 2010, the university became the first in the world to launch a comprehensive transportation electrification curriculum. Here, students gain the tools and knowledge to become the next generation of automotive masterminds. ... [Detroit] is called the Motor City for good reason. If you are an auto aficionado like me who dreams of your next smooth ride, Detroit is the ultimate destination.” 

Isabella Warmbrunn

Master’s student in basic medical sciences
School of Medicine
Other WSU memberships: Warriors PrEP & PEP Awareness, WSU Mobile COVID-19 Clinic via the Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Clinical Research at Wayne Health, Campus-wide Black Council (CBC), Black WSU Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA), Organization of Black Alumni (OBA)

“I love that the Detroit community is resilient. Once you understand the full history of this city and what the residents have been through, you gain a whole new appreciation for Detroit. Despite all these obstacles, Detroiters are welcoming and willing to share resources and knowledge if you just ask.” 

“I wanted to be a graduate ambassador because when I started my master’s program, I was one of a handful of Black students. I felt isolated and insecure of my place in graduate school and as a result, was unsure of what resources were available. I want to provide all students, especially those of color, a place to ask questions and to remind them they deserve a place in academia and are worthy of their spot!” 

Aaron Crump

Master’s student in business administration
Mike Ilitch Business School
Other WSU memberships: Wayne Black Business Student Association 

“Wayne State University students know what it means to be Warrior Strong. Here, students are parents and workers—we know what it takes to get a job done and to be the best in our field.”

“I wanted to be a graduate ambassador because at times, being a graduate student is hard to navigate. I wanted to be that person who helps make students' transition to graduate school as easy as possible.” 

Tracy Walker

Ph.D student in learning design and technology
College of Education 

Tracy Walker“I decided to earn an education specialist certificate in learning design and technology. During those studies, I noticed almost all the individuals identified as contributors to the history and development of instructional design are white men. I decided to pursue my doctorate because I want to teach, and I want to create new knowledge as a researcher. As I explore instructional design and informal learning in virtual spaces, I want to lift up the voices of women and people of color—particularly Black women—who have made and/or are making an impact in instructional design.” 

“I chose Wayne State because it’s a great university with a strong reputation for excellence in teaching and research. I get to work with faculty members who are leaders in the field of instructional design. I also like the access I have to resources such as TechTown and the Wayne State Innovation Hub because my research interests are centered around Black entrepreneurs’ use of technology/social media as tools for informal learning in virtual spaces.” 

Isaiah Adelabu

Ph.D. student in chemistry
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Other WSU memberships: National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)

“I was inspired to attend graduate school by my desire to explore science and technology. To harness my potential and dreams through cutting-edge research, teaching, learning and networking. I want to explore new possibilities and carve out a niche for myself.”


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