Innovative new graduate programs and certificates prepare students for dynamic careers in growing fields

The Graduate School is pleased to announce that the WSU Board of Governors has approved a number of innovative new programs and certificates for the 2017-2018 academic year. These programs address shifting needs of Wayne State students and reflect data on employment sectors and market trends. Graduate School data suggest that many of our students stay Michigan and have lasting ties to the Detroit community. According to Graduate School Dean Ambika Mathur, “it’s exciting to see new programs that respond directly to needs and opportunities specific to Detroit, while also engaging with national and international research and technology to prepare our students for successful careers, whatever path they choose.” The Graduate School works with schools and colleges across the university to facilitate this process, and looks forward to these programs launching in the fall.

Graduate Certificate in Information Management

Information is a critical resource, and professionals with data driven problem solving and decision-making skills are in demand. This certificate from the School of Library and Information Science prepares students for roles in diverse data intensive and user-centric fields.

Joint Master's Degree in Social Work and Public Health

Wayne State is one of only three schools in Michigan to offer such a degree. According to Kim Jaffee, Ph.D., associate professor of social work and director of the joint degree program, “social work and public health share many overlapping interests and competencies, including strategies for providing services for vulnerable and underserved population groups through a community perspective lens.” The program will train students in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills from the two fields enabling a multifaceted approach to addressing complex professional challenges.

Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This certificate blends core courses in the Mike Illich School of Business and interdisciplinary electives to meet the needs of graduate students seeking to launch a new venture or deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship as it relates to other sectors. The curriculum covers the stages of developing a new business from initial conception to long term leadership and management strategies, communication and networking in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is open to all graduate students at Wayne State, or as a specialization with in the MBA program.

Master of Science Program with a major in Finance

This degree program from the Mike Illich School of Business draws theories and applications from economics, mathematics, accounting and strategy to give students theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in corporate finance, investments and financial analysis. Enrolled students will gain real world experience handling the Student Managed Investment Fund portfolio and access to key software and databases for fluency in the various tools currently used in finance.

Master of Science Program with a major in Automotive Supply Chain Management

Driven by the high demand for supply chain management professionals both nationally and globally, this program is designed to prepare students to solve complex supply chain problems in the auto and manufacturing industries. Wayne State’s geographical advantage in the internationally recognized auto hub of Detroit presents tremendous access to knowledge and opportunity to enrich students’ experience. According to professor Sachin Modi, "This new program leverages the leading edge research faculty in the Mike Ilitch School of Business as well as its network of industry experts to deliver a student-centric learning experience that is in line with the needs of the vehicular industry."

Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics

A joint degree offered by the College of Engineering and the Mike Ilitch School of Business, this program will provide a wide reaching, multifaceted framework for data analysis. According to professor Ratna Babu Chinnam, Ph.D., one of the directors of the Big Data Group at Wayne State, “While a lot of programs have been created in recent years, most of them tend to focus on just technology or analytics or the business case.” This interdisciplinary program is designed to provide students with a broad range of data science and business analytics knowledge and skills, preparing them to navigate the growing STEM fields and make sound business decisions based on sound data analysis.

MA in Arts Administration

The College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, aims to equip art professionals with leadership and management skills that complement their creative work, bridging the gap between business and talent. This is degree path will be especially useful for students looking to venture into entrepreneurship or run other art and cultural organizations. “Wayne State is centered in the Cultural Corridor of Michigan. The extremely vibrant Arts Community is in need of well-educated managers to keep up with the demand,” said Dr. Wolf, professor and chair of the department of Theatre and Dance. This new will curriculum exposes students to networks and infrastructure that can support their growth, and has the flexibility to meet the differing needs and goals of individual students.                                            

Elementary Education Math Specialist graduate certificate

This new certificate from the College of Education is the first of its kind in Michigan, aiming to equip elementary teachers to strengthen their teaching and learning of mathematics. The program has been prompted by a growing need, nationally, for expertise in elementary math educators. “We have been hearing from elementary and middle schools that this is a huge need in their schools, and it allows our graduates and teachers from around the region to extend their knowledge about teaching mathematics,” added Dr. Jennifer Lewis, an associate professor in the department of Education who will also be leading the new program. The unique coursework unites the university and local elementary schools to craft solutions that best serve the children of Detroit and beyond.

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