Program components

BEST programming provides information about each career domain from professionals in that specific career trajectory from Wayne alumni, faculty facilitators, and industry partners. The program is offered in three phases across the academic year (fall, winter, spring/summer). This 3-phase program enhances not just the ability to explore career paths, but also provides trainees with the critical thinking, reasoning and communication skill sets that employers are seeking. It also helps trainees to reason in a more informed manner about their career options, resulting in greater clarity about those paths that are attractive and a good fit, and those that are not.

BEST programming is open to all doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars at Wayne State; we are also open to alumni in the Detroit area. Faculty are always welcome to attend.

Phase I: Panel Discussions (Exploratory Investigation)

Students will be introduced to five professional domains – government, business and industry, law, communication, and undergraduate teaching – to encourage them to think more broadly about how they view their possible career options and trajectories. Each 90-minute panel will comprise faculty, industry professionals, and field experience partners.

Phase II: Workshops (Didactic Training)

Students will learn more in-depth about a particular career area in the course of a daylong, hands-on interactive Saturday workshop. This experience should be viewed as preparation for field experience in that area.  Each workshop is conducted by faculty, industry professionals, and potential career exploration partners. 

Phase III: Career Exploration (Experiential Learning)

Students will gain knowledge of a particular career area via a mentored field experience. BEST will determine the duration and scope of each field experience in collaboration with the trainee and the field site, but typically these comprise 160-200 hours during the summer term.

Success stories

BEST Phase III Career Exploration Partners

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