Graduate School thesis/dissertation research support

The Graduate School has a grant program to defray expenses necessary to the completion of approved thesis or dissertation research. Awards are limited to a maximum of $1,000 for dissertation research and $500 for thesis projects. Matching support from the student's department is required. Eligibility is restricted to one award per student per degree. Funds from the thesis/dissertation program must be expended within six months from receiving the funds.

Applications for thesis/dissertation support must be submitted to and approved by the Graduate School prior to beginning the actual conduct of research activities for which support is requested. To meet this provision, applications should be submitted well in advance of the desired starting date of research. Requests for retroactive funding of activities already conducted will not be considered.

Please note that expenses must be approved before the related research activity begins. Costs associated with preparation of the thesis or dissertation manuscript itself are not allowable under this program.


  • All applicants must be in good academic standing and registered for doctoral candidate or maintenance status dissertation research credits, or master's thesis research credits at WSU.

PH.D. Students

  • Limited to Ph.D. candidates who are engaged in dissertation research.
  • Ph.D. candidates must have an approved dissertation prospectus on file in the Graduate School to receive awards.

Master's students

  • Limited to master's candidates involved in thesis research.
  • Master's candidates must have an approved thesis outline on file in their school/college or a letter from their advisor stating that a thesis plan has been approved at the departmental level.


The application below consists of five parts:

  1. cover page
  2. abstract
  3. copy of the approved dissertation/thesis outline form
  4. budget

The budget should present adequate details about each expense (e.g, travel, photocopying, subject payments and any other charges). A budget justification, an explanation of the relationship of the budget items to project activities, should follow the budget. For details on eligible budget expenses, see application form below. 

  1. applicant's curriculum vitae (CV)

Questions about the eligibility of particular budget items or questions pertaining to the preparation of applications should be addressed to Terri Renaud, Graduate School,, before submitting an application.

Application for thesis/dissertation research support

Please submit the proposal to the Graduate School, 5057 Woodward, Suite 6305.